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Final Reports

Area Key: S=safety, EDOD=education, outreach, diversity, BR=bridges, PV=pavements, LM=logistics and management, G=geotech

Final File Name Univ Ttl P PI Proposal Title Start Date Area Key Report Date
OTCREOS10.1-21-F OU Dr. Thomas Kang Repair and Retrofit of Concrete Bridge Girders using Hybrid FRP Sheets January 2010 BR February 2012
OTCREOS10.1-47-F OSU Dr. Avdhesh Tyagi Laboratory Modeling of Energy Dissipation in Broken-Back Culverts - Phase II July 2009 BR May 2011
OTCREOS7.1-34-F OSU Dr. Nicholas Materer Passive Wireless Corrosion Sensors for Transportation Infrastructure July 2008 BR July 2011
OTCREOS7.1-05-F OU Dr. Ronald Barnes Roadway Weather Information System and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) Coordination June 2008 S February 2011
OTCREOS7.1-09-F OSU Dr. Jonathan Comer Oklahoma's Transportation Infrastructure: Inventory and Impacts June 2008 LM October 2009
OTCREOS7.1-10-F OU Dr. Sesh Commuri Continuous real-time measurement of compaction quality during the construction of asphalt pavements October 2008 PV December 2010
OTCREOS7.1-11-F OSU Dr. Rifat Bulut Unsaturated soil moisture drying and wetting diffusion coefficient measurements in the laboratory June 2008 PV September 2009
OTCREOS7.1-16-F OU Dr. Douglas Gransberg (Zaman) Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Pavement Retexturing as a Pavement Preservation Tool June 2008 PV July 2010
OTCREOS7.1-19-F OU Dr. Kianoosh Hatami Use of MSE Technology to Stabilize Highway Embankments and Slopes in Oklahoma August 2008 PV September 2009
OTCREOS7.1-22-F OSU Dr. David Jeong Development of an Improved System for Contract Time Determination - Phase III August 2008 LM September 2010
OTCREOS7.1-23-F OSU Dr. Hyung-Seok Jeong Evaluation of Construction Strategies for PCC Pavements August 2008 PV September 2010
OTCREOS7.1-27-F OU Dr. Gerald Miller Effect of Suction Hysteresis on Resilient Modulus of Fine-Grained Soils August 2008 PV July 2010
OTCREOS7.1-31-F OSU Dr. Tyler Ley Investigations of a Precast Bridge Deck System June 2008 BR July 2010
OTCREOS7.1-36-F OU Dr. David Baldwin Development of an In-Situ Fatigue Sensor June 2008 BR January 2011
OTCREOS7.1-48-F OSU Dr. Avdhesh Tyagi Laboratory Modeling of Energy Dissipation in Broken-Back Culverts June 2008 BR July 2009
OTCREOS9.1-16-F OU Dr. Samuel Cheng Commercial Vehicle Route Tracking Using Video Detection July 2009 LM October 2010
OTCREOS7.1-52-F OU Dr. Musharraf Zaman Tube Suction Test for Evaluating Durability of Cementitiously Stabilized Soils July 2008 PV June 2011
OTCREOS9.1-13-F OU Dr. Amy Cerato Graduate Student Recruiting into Critical Transportation Infrastructure Areas of Interest July 2010 EDOD January 2013
OTCREOS9.1-15-F OSU Dr. Qi Cheng OKCARS: Oklahoma Collision Analysis and Response System July 2009 S October 2012
OTCREOS9.1-21-F OU Dr. Musharraf Zaman Quantifying the Costs and Benefits of Pavement Retexturing as a Pavement Preservation Tool July 2008 PV August 2012
OTCREOS9.1-27-F OU Dr. Lisa Holliday (Kang) Relief of Reinforcing Congestion in Beams and Bent Caps of Concrete Bridges June 2009 BR June 2012
OTCREOS9.1-34-F OU Dr. J. David Baldwin Interstate 35 Bridge Instrumentation Renaissance October 2009 BR September 2012
OTCES10.2-06-F OSU Dr. Tyler Ley Procurement of Novel Microanalysis Equipment for Construction Materials October 2010 BR, PV February 2012
OTCREOS10.1-12-F OSU Dr. Stephen Cross Laser Characterization of Fine Aggregate Properties January 2011 PV December 2012
OTCES10.2-05-F Dr. Zhenyu (James) Kong Acquisition of a Lidar Laser Scanner for Bridge Inspection September 2010 B July 2013
OTCES10.2-09-F Mr. Wilson Brewer Enhancing Outreach & Diversity Programs for Students December 2010 EDOD October 2012
OTCREOS9.1-02-F Dr. Balabhaskar Balasundaram Proactive Approach to Transportation Resource Allocation Under Severe Weather Emergencies July 2009 S January 2012
OTCREOS9.1-23-F Dr. Kianoosh Hatami ODOT Guidelines for Geosynthetic Reinforcement in Aggregate Base Roadways in Oklahoma August 2009 G November 2012
OTCREOS9.1-36-F Dr. Jin-Song Pei Structural Identification of a Real-World Shear Critical Prestressed Concrete Highway Bridge June 2009 B August 2012
OTCREOS9.1-39-F Dr. Joshua Ramsey Characterization and Mediation of Microbial Deterioration of Concrete Infrastructure June 2009 B April 2013
OTCREOS10.1-19-F Dr. David Jeong Procedures and Models for Estimating Preliminary Engineering Costs of Highway Projects June 2010 LM July 2012
OTCREOS10.1-20-F Dr. David Jeong Alternate Bidding Strategies for Asphalt and Concrete Pavement Projects Utilizing Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC) May 2010 LM July 2012
OTCREOS10.1-32-F Dr. Chris Ramseyer Stability of concrete slabs on grade considering shrinkage and a moisture gradient March 2010 P October 2012
OTCREOS10.1-34-F Dr. Chris Ramseyer Optimum cable barrier design and placement for the state of Oklahoma February 2010 S January 2013
OTCREOS10.1-45-F Dr. Musharraf Zaman Implementation of MEPDG for Asphalt Pavements with RAP April 2010 P, LM June 2013
OTCREOS10.1-51-11.1-63-F Mr. Douglas Wright Local Government Agency Summer Internship January 2011 EDOD June 2013
OTCREOS11.1-12-F Dr. Jonathan Comer Analysis of FARS Data on State Highways in Oklahoma September 2011 S November 2012
OTCREOS11.1-15-F Dr. Stephen Cross Development of an Interactive Website on Asphalt Recycling June 2012 EDOD July 2013
OTCREOS11.1-27-F Dr. Joseph Havlicek GPS Location Data Enhancement in Electronic Traffic Records October 2011 S January 2013
OTCREOS11.1-65-F Dr. Musharraf Zaman Improved Cover Aggregate Specifications to Enhance Chip Seal Performance November 2011 P March 2013
OTCREOS9.1-08-F Mr. Wilson Brewer Camp Concrete December 2010 EDOD October 2012
OTCREOS9.1-29-F Dr. Zhenyu Kong Development of a Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) Guidebook for Critical Bridge Structures June 2009 BR July 2013
OTCREOS10.1-11-F Dr. Sesh Commuri Continuous real-time measurement of quality during the compaction of subgrade soils June 2010 G December 2012
OTCREOS11.1-01-F Dr. Allen Apblett Sensors Technology for Hazardous Cargo Transportation Safety March 2012 S August 2013
OTCREOS11.1-14-F Dr. Sesh Commuri Pavement Evaluation Using a Portable Lightweight Deflectometer October 2011 PV December 2012
OTCREOS9.1-42-FDr.RefaiHazemAccurate Vehicle Classification Including Motorcycles using Piezoelectric SensorsJuly 2009SMarch 2013
OTCREOS10.1-13-FDr.EmersonRobertEducation for Evaluating, Repairing, and Strengthening BridgesJanuary 2010EDODAugust 2013
OTCREOS10.1-18-FDr.HatamiKianooshUse of MSE Technology to Stabilize Highway Embankments and Slopes in OklahomaOctober 2010PVDecember 2012
OTCREOS10.1-35-FDr.RefaiHazemThe Development of a Portable Weigh-in-Motion SystemJuly 2010SMarch 2013
OTCREOS10.1-43-FDr.ShengWeihuaAutomated and Accurate Bridge Deck Crack Inspection and MappingAugust 2010BROctober 2012
OTCREOS11.1-06-FDr.BarnesRonald Fatality Analysis Reporting System and Roadway Inventory CorrelationOctober 2011SJanuary 2013
OTCREOS11.1-09-FDr.BulutRifatDrying Shrinkage Problems in High Plastics Clay Soils in OklahomaFebruary 2012GAugust 2013
OTCREOS11.1-26-FDr.HatamiKianooshPrototype Reinforced Soil Embankment for Reconstruction of US 62 Slope Failure in Chickasha, OklahomaOctober 2011GMay 2013
OTCREOS11.1-30-FDr.Lewis (Jeong)PhillipData and Information Integration Framework for Highway Project Decision MakingsJune 2012LMAugust 2013
OTCREOS11.1-45-FDr.MillerGeraldInterpretation of In Situ Tests as Affected by Soil SuctionJuly 2011GJuly 2013
OTCREOS11.1-46-FDr.MillerGeraldThe Effects of Soil Suction on Shallow Slope StabilityJuly 2011GJuly 2013
OTCREOS11.1-47-FDr.MundendeD. ChongoLangston University Transportation AcademyJune 2012EDODJanuary 2013
OTCREOS11.1-54-FDr.RunolfssonThordurReal Time Assessment of Dynamic Loads on BridgesOctober 2011BRMay 2013
OTCREOS11.1-57-FDr.ShenGuoqiangDeveloping Cutting-Edge Educational, Outreach and Diversity Programs in Transportation and Logistics for OklahomaOctober 2011EDODAugust 2013
OTCREOS11.1-61-FDr.VogelJasonDesign of Turbidity Controls for Oklahoma Highway ConstructionOctober 2011GMarch 2013
OTCES10.2-02-FDr. BarnesRonaldA Mobile Intilligent Transportation System (ITS) PlatformJanuary 2011S January 2013
OTCES10.2-10-FDr. ShenGuoqiang Oklahoma Laboratory for Research, Education, and Outreach in Transportation and LogisticsOctober 2011EDODAugust 2013
OTCES10.2-11-FDr. ZamanMusharrafEnhancing Facilities for Asphalt Research & Education: Sharing to GainJuly 2011EDODSeptember 2013
OTCREOS7.1-21-FMr.HowardDennisSummer Internship ProgramMarch 2009EDODMarch 2013
OTCREOS7.1-25-FDr. KamathManjunathA Decision Support System for Transportation Infrastructure and Supply Chain System PlanningAugust 2008LMJuly 2013
OTCREOS7.1-37-FDr.MuraleetharanKanthasamySoil-Structure Interaction Studies for Understanding the Behavior of Integral Abutment BridgesAugust 2008GMarch 2012
OTCREOS9.1-31-FDr.LeyTylerDevelopment of a Robust Field Technique to Quantify the Air-Void Distribution in Fresh ConcreteAugust 2009PVJuly 2013
OTCREOS9.1-49-FDr.VaidyanathanRanjiRecycled Carpet Materials for Infrastructure ApplicationsAugust 2009S June 2013
OTCREOS10.1-03-FDr.ApblettAllenSuppression of ASR through Aggregate CoatingsMarch 2012BRAugust 2013
OTCREOS10.1-06-FDr.BulutRifatWMA Pavements in Oklahoma: Moisture Damage and Performance IssuesJanuary 2010PVAugust 2013
OTCREOS10.1-23-FMr.BrewerWilsonAddressing the Need for Technical Library Support for OTCJanuary 2010EDODJune 2013
OTCREOS10.1-24-FDr.LeyTylerInvestigation of the Inputs for the MEPDG for Rigid PavementsFebruary 2010LMMarch 2013
OTCREOS10.1-25-FDr.LeyTylerInnovative Prediction of Fly Ash Performance in ConcreteFebruary 2010PVFebruary 2013
OTCREOS10.1-29-FDr.MundendeD. ChongoHuman Transportation Needs in Rural OklahomaFebruary 2010EDODSeptember 2012
OTCREOS11.1-10-FDr.BulutRifatEvaluation of Enhanced Integrated Climatic Model for Oklahoma PavementsFebruary 2012PVJuly 2013
OTCREOS11.1-24-FDr.EmersonRobertDeveloping County Bridge Repair and Retrofit TechniquesJanuary 2012BRAugust 2013
OTCREOS11.1-31-FDr.Lewis (Jeong)PhilCalibration of Controlling Input Models for Pavement Management SystemsJune 2012LMJuly 2013
OTCREOS11.1-38-FDr.Lewis (LU)PhillipADA Transportation, Diversity and Disability Training October 2011EDODJune 2013
OTCREOS11.1-39-FDr.LeyTylerInvestigation of Optimized Graded Concrete for OklahomaAugust 2012PVJuly 2013
OTCREOS11.1-41-FDr.Liu (Collins)Tieming Decision Support System for Road Closures in Flash Flood EmergenciesApril 2012LM, SJune 2013

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