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Internships begin with good relationships between students, faculty, and mentors. Sample documents to help build a strong program are provided to assist the intern program leadership in designing their own instruments. There are many excellent evaluation documents available related to the NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program. A Google search will reveal the importance of this issue.
An excellent example of a comprehensive internship program is the OKC Greater Grads program (http://www.greatergrads.com/) managed by the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

Site visits are important to show or PI’s, intern mentors, and interns that we are interested in helping them have a successful program.  Further, visits allow the team to view firsthand the programs and their operation.  Finally, OkTC gains from the sites learning more about us.
The evaluator needs to be friendly and helpful, site visits are not an adversarial activity.  Information needs to be gained and ideas exchanged; the evaluator should anticipate the awardee and the internship team to be eager to share the successes and, when probed, willing to share where they need help.  Structured protocols will aid the evaluator as well as the site personnel to have a meaningful visit. 


  • Faculty Person Interview

  • College Administrator Interview

  • Principal Investigator (PI or co-PI) Interview

  • Faculty Person Interview

  • College Administrator Interview

  • Industry Administrator Interview

  • Mentor Interview

  • Student Intern Focus Group

  • Internship Observation Protocol

  • Descriptions of the Quality of the Mentoring

  • Field Notes Protocol


  • Student Internships Application Form

  • Student Intern Work Schedule/Report

  • Monthly Status Report (Student)

  • Student Internship Program

  • Quarterly Student Performance Report

  • First Month Evaluation Of Internship By Student

  • First Month Evaluation Form

  • Evaluation Of Student Intern

  • Final Evaluation

  • Evaluation Of Internship By Student

  • Final Evaluation Form By Mentor

  • Evaluation Of Intern

  • Alumni Personal Data Form


The Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology has a well tested instrument that may of interest to managers of internship programs to track project impacts.


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