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The Oklahoma Transportation Center envisions transportation systems that provide safe, efficient movement of people and goods in global, national and local communities.


The Oklahoma Transportation Center expects to marshal the talents and resources of the participating universities (OSU, OU, and LU) as well as Oklahoma-based private industry, governments and transportation professionals to provide world-class solutions to challenges in building, designing and maintaining transportation systems.


“Economic Enhancement Through Infrastructure Stewardship”.

The economic vitality of this nation is linked directly to productivity and efficiency of our Surface Transportation System. The creation and development of the Interstate Highway System has stimulated our economy by effectively linking every part of this nation and creating timely accessibility never before experienced. The next fifty years will be full of challenges and opportunities for the economic growth, but we must keep pace with the increasing demands for capacity, safety and productivity.

Oklahoma is positioned to be instrumental in the development of key transportation corridors to facilitate economic expansion attendant thereto. There are technical and physical limitations to the existing system that are obstacles to increased productivity, safety and security that must be addressed to realize the full potential and economic opportunities for our State and Nation.

The Oklahoma Transportation Center proposes to systematically address these issues using the collaborative efforts of the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and Langston University in conjunction with transportation professionals in government and industry by marshalling the best talent available to examine and advance innovative solutions to these problems of structural limitations, inadequate capacity, security and safety.

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