Oklahoma Transportation Center

Research Thrust

OkTC maintains several programs of basic and applied research. In addition to creating new knowledge and finding practical solutions to real-world problems, faculty and students are engaged in the transfer of technology to support government agencies, industry and other entities involved in the transportation enterprises.

The role of OkTC includes promoting collaborative research among the university researchers and their counterparts in industry and government, coordinating interdisciplinary research activities, and facilitating the process by which research funding is obtained and administered. OkTC's affiliations with other research centers at the OkTC institutions help maximize its potential and broaden the scope of its services.

Current research thrust areas include:

  • Bridges - Evaluation, management, repair, and retrofit of bridge systems including service monitoring and life extension of bridge and foundation systems, and vehicle-bridge interactions;
  • Pavements - Cost effective and innovative evaluation, maintenance, and management of pavements including improved materials, mechanics-based design and rehabilitation, and deployment of ITS (Intelligent Transportation system) technology; and
  • Intermodal Freight Logistics - Developing efficiency for freight movement over the nation’s intermodal transportation systems, with particular emphasis on alternative routes for truck traffic and intermodal distribution points that encourage a greater percentage of freight to be moved by rail and water;
  • Safety and Security - Enhancing traffic and infrastructure safety and security through improvement of universal mobility, hardening assessment, emergency response preparedness, and development of decision support tools for risk assessment and management.

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