Oklahoma Transportation Center
OTC Equipment Support (ES) 10.2
FY10.2 OTCREOS Competition Amendments to Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Amendment 1
    Please update OTCES10.2 RFP by adding the additional text:

    IV. Project Description

    A. Equipment Description

    Below the table a section describing the importance of this item of equipment and the special attributes it has for highway transportation projects may be included. (2 page limit)

FY10.2 Request for Proposals - Download PDF
FY10.2 Proposal Cover Page - Download Word Document
FY10.2 Intent to Apply Form - Download Word Document
FY10.2 Budget (and Match) Forms - Download Excel Workbook
FY10.2 Budget Justification - Download PDF
Utilizing an Independent Project as OTC Matching - Download PDF
Match, Partnership, and Leverage Opportunities - Download PDF


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