Oklahoma Transportation Center
Issued March 1, 2002

1. Introduction

The Oklahoma Transportation Center (OTC) requests proposals for research pertaining to transportation issues in Oklahoma. The OTC is a transportation research center jointly operated by the University of Oklahoma (OU) and Oklahoma State University (OSU). OTC has entered into a partnership with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) to conduct research on transportation issues relevant to ODOT’s mission. The combined ODOT/OTC funds will support the research awarded in response to this RFP.

2. Eligibility

Any full-time faculty member at either OU, OSU, or Langston University is eligible to submit a proposal. All proposals must be officially processed by the University with which the principal investigator is affiliated.

Proposals must address transportation problems in Oklahoma, particularly those related to the mission of ODOT. The ODOT mission is multimodal and includes: highway construction, maintenance, and operations; waterways and ports; public transportation, both urban and rural; trucking; railroads; and intermodal facilities.

3. Size and Scope of Projects

The projects funded in this first OTC request for proposals will be limited in scope to projects that can be conducted in the time period of May 1, 2002 to September 30, 2002. This limitation does not preclude multi-phase projects as long as the first phase can be conducted during this time period. All projects will end on or before September 30, 2002.

The awards for projects funded in this first OTC request for proposals will be limited to $50,000 in direct costs. Indirect costs on these projects will be computed and budgeted by the Office of Research Administration in accordance with the OTC master agreement.

4. Selection Process and Criteria

The proposals will be reviewed and ranked by Dr. Thomas L. Landers of OU; Dr. Gorman Gilbert of OSU, and Mr. David Streb of ODOT. Additional reviews by others will be solicited as needed by this three-person review committee.

The criteria for selection will be:

a. relevance and importance of results to ODOT mission 50%
b. collaboration between OSU, OU and Langston University 20%
c. likelihood of success 10%
d. degree of innovation 20%

5. Deadline

All proposals must be submitted on or before March 29, 2002 before 5:00 pm. Three (3) copies must be submitted to:

Dr. Gorman Gilbert
Oklahoma Transportation Center
207 Engineering South
Oklahoma State University
Stiliwater, OK 74078.

6. Proposal Format

Proposals are limited to fifteen (15) pages and must use the following outline:

1. Problem Statement
2. Research Approach and Methodology
3. Expected Results
4. Qualifications
5. Deliverables
6. Budget (direct costs only)


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